From noisy to cosy: how we fitted new carpets at the White Horse pub

What was once a noisy room is now a peaceful and cosy dining room again thanks to our work installing new carpets over a wooden floor at the White Horse pub in Bradford on Tone.

The new landlord called us in after customers complained that conversations in the dining room echoed, which he quite rightly put down to the wooden floor installed by the previous landlord.

We realised that any suitable carpet would need to be able to withstand heavy wear and tear, and also act as a sound absorber. The landlord also didn’t want to damage the existing oak floor in case future owners decided to expose the flooring once again. In the end, we settled on a carpet from Edel Telenzo called ‘Solstice’. This is a 10mm thick contract carpet that’s more than capable of standing up to the heavy traffic in a pub dining room with its impervious foam back.


The pile weight of 2500 g/m2 and a 25db impact sound insulation rating made it ideal for absorbing sound and keeping the room cosy and quiet.

For additional help with any sound issues, we also used a double stick underlay system using Ball & Young cloud 9 contract underlay.

Best of all, the carpet comes with a 10-year stain and wear warranty for commercial applications to give the landlord additional peace of mind and keep the dining room looking good for years to come.




Needless to say, the management at the White Horse was delighted with the outcome and didn’t have to wait long for the newly carpeted restaurant to be put to the test by a party of 30 women who were celebrating their annual Christmas meal the day of the install!

It passed with flying colours, and in fact, the White Horse are so pleased with the results that they plan to carpet the next door dining room in a similar fashion in the New Year.

If you’d like to take advantage of our many years of experience in the commercial market please feel free to give us a call and we’re always happy to offer advice.