We go the extra mile: how David Marks does more for our customers


When decorating your house or even designing your next home interior, flooring can be one of the most difficult changes to make.

Painting walls, placing wallpaper and even adding extra fixtures and fittings can often involve the minimal in movement but installing appealing new carpets involves the movement and shuffling off all kinds of furniture.


With David Marks, we make what could be a complicated job easy, because we go the extra mile for our customers.


Moving a grand piano


One of the best stories to illustrate how we put our customers first is with a recent client who required flooring to be placed in their living room, hallway, stairs and landing, a job which other companies had turned down thanks to one factor; the grand piano taking pride of place in their living area.



Using all of our manpower and lifting skills, we were able to move that piano, leaving the space free for carpeting and leaving our customer pleased as punch with our job.







When it comes to going the extra mile, we’re not afraid to roll our sleeves up and provide the best possible service for our customers.



Not only was the customer impressed with our dedication to our job, they were also pleased with the quality of carpet we provided; a Kingsmead, Berber Trio design, in a stunning Cornish colour, completely natural and created from 100% wool.

As hardwearing for heavy furniture as it is practical and attractive.


Our customers are our biggest supporters


If you’re in the Taunton area, and you’re looking for a carpet company that will go the extra mile, then David Marks is the perfect match for you.

With many happy customers behind us, both with and without grand pianos, you know you’re in good hands when it comes to choosing your next carpet, with the best possible brands for your home.



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