Carpet your house for £1000!

Let us ask you a question… Do you think it’s possible to re-carpet an entire house for £1000?

Well, believe it or not, the answer is a resounding yes! And we should know because we just did it! Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how…

You see, we like to go the extra mile here at David Marks Carpets, so when clients come to us with specific requests we always try to accommodate them. Recently, though, we pushed ourselves to do something truly astonishing.

One day we got a call from France. It was a very busy landlord who’d just been given some seriously bad news by his letting agent. He’d been told that his 2-bed rental property was in such a bad state after the last tenant had left that is was actually unlettable.

Turning to us in his time of need, he set us something of a challenge. He said he was coming back from France for only five days and in this time he needed to not only complete all the decorating but to also complete any other work that needed to be carried out in order to get the property ready for letting again and in a condition to entice prospective residents.

Without missing a beat we accepted the challenge and asked him what exactly he had in mind. He specified something hard-wearing and neutral. He also said it had to suit his rather tight budget. Right then, we thought – let’s get to work…

We started by making a careful selection of the best sort of flooring for the job, bearing in mind that it was a rental property. Then, we rolled up our sleeves.



The letting agent wasn’t wrong when he declared that the place was in a bad state, but after some hard graft, the job was finished in the allotted time with new underlay, carpet and kitchen vinyl. All of that and the installation costs came in at £1000 excluding VAT.




The house has been totally transformed and is now in perfect condition for the new tenants.







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